Shoot your TV: Jesse James is a Dead Man coming soon

For those of you who just can't get enough Jesse James in your life, we have good news. The rest of you, commence eye-rolling. The tattooed chopper builder will soon be back on the small screen, this time on Spike TV. His new vehicle is called Jesse James is a Dead Man, which isn't totally accurate unless you're referring to his namesake forbear. The world needs another "reality" TV show like we need a festering case of hemorrhoids, but TV producer's don't care. This series will focus not on James' welding-torch-wielding antics, but will instead follow Mr. Bullock as he moves from one supposedly dangerous activity to another. Great. Seriously, how bad will this show be? Our guess: Fear Factor bad. We can smell the impending suckage from here... like a steaming hot pile of rotting cabbage.
Just when you thought that the reality TV explosion couldn't possibly get any more far-fetched and ridiculous, the execs go and do something like this... and completely redeem themselves!


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