Reader Spy: Chevy Volt caught on set of Transformers 2

Click either image to view full gallery of the production Chevy Volt

Ed sent us the top pic pilfered from the Transformers Live Action Blog and judging by the roofline, headlights and taillights, you're looking at the first picture of the production Chevy Volt. Not proof enough? Click on the image above and look closely at the metal plate in front of the sideview mirror. It's emblazoned with the four letters that spell out GM's savior. The Volt it is. Our boys at AutoblogGreen have already called upon the General's minions for a comment, but no response has been delivered to our inbox... yet.

UPDATE: We've found view video of the production Volt on the Transformers 2 set here. Also check out screen grabs like the one above that show the production Volt in full view in our gallery below.

[Source: Transformers Live Action Blog]

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