Ethanol being blamed for small engine failures

It's certainly true that most ethanol opponents can find plenty of fuel for their arguments. Some claim that food prices have been adversely affected by ethanol production. Others point to the fact that most cars get worse fuel mileage when running E85. Obviously, there have been many debates regarding the effects of running ethanol in our vehicles. While we primarily are concerned with automobile engines, there are many other internal combustion engines to be concerned with, including those in motorcycles, lawn mowers, trimmers and numerous other devices which have become necessary for modern life. Even if automakers are able to ensure that their engines are not harmed by ethanol-blends, small engine manufacturers may not be able to do the same. MSNBC has an polled a handful of small engine mechanics and each of them cite internal engine damage, which they claim can be attributed to the use of alcohol fuels. We've heard about this problem for at least two years, and expect that this is an issue which will get even more attention as the government mandates more ethanol to replace petroleum.

[Source: MSNBC]

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