Moscow 2008: Lada shows off C-Cross concept

Click above for hi-res gallery of the Lada C-Cross concept

The Moscow Auto Show is underway and Damon's on site with camera in hand. The car you see here is the Lada C-Cross Concept, which looks kinda like a Chinese knock-off of a last-gen Euro Ford Focus with added ground clearance. The C-Cross show car presumably gives a sneak peek at what a future AvtoVAZ car-based crossover might look like, and if we had to guess, a production version probably isn't too far off. We'll pass on it, though. Our hearts and minds forever belong to the Lada Niva, whose old-school looks are like visual comfort food. Plus, something tells us that this C-Cross thing wouldn't do nearly as well underwater.

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[Source: The Auto Channel]

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