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From the archives: 1991 Nissan President EV parade car

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Nissan has been getting a lot of attention of late for its electric vehicle efforts and partnership with Project Better Place. As with other big automakers, today's efforts are not the company's first in the EV space and looking back through the archives there are some interesting battery-powered vehicles can be found. One such example is this Nissan President EV. The President was a Japanese market version of the first generation Infiniti Q45 but with a more formal upright grille rather than the closed off version with the belt-buckle badge on the U.S. Q45. The electric version was created for use in special events like parades with sumo champions and leading marathons where zero emissions are important. The open-top President EV reportedly had a range of about 60 miles. Maximum speed was limited to about 25 mph with its 32 hp electric motor. There is no indication of the battery type although lead acid seems like a likely candidate given the 1991 introduction. Thanks to B.T. for the tip!

[Source: Nissan]

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