Spy Shots: New Opel Meriva caught in the wild

The next-generation Opel Meriva has been caught testing on somewhere on public roads. The Meriva is a tall wagon based on GM's European B-car platform which also underpins the Corsa. The new Meriva was displayed in concept form at this year's Geneva Motor Show and the production version doesn't appear to differ too much from the concept. As with other new Opels (and presumably Saturns), the signature scalloped side panels are visible below the camouflage. The side glass shape of the concept is also retained, although it's not clear if the stepped window opening on the rear does survives. Judging by the extra camo panels just below the rear door glass, it appears that it might be there. The camo panel also features false door handles which indicate that the suicide doors of the concept also might make it to production. Since the concept had a B-pillar even with the suicide doors (unusual for a concept) there is a possibility the rear hinged doors will survive. Whether we'll ever see the Meriva on U.S. shores is another question entirely.
[Source: EVO]

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