Fuelly: a social network for hypermilers

Over the past few years millions of people around the world have joined online social networks such as MySpace, Facebook and, for those of you in Brazil, Orkut. Now a new site designed to bring people together has cropped up and unlike the better known established networks, this one has a decidedly more niche appeal. However, these days it's a niche that is certainly increasing in interest: fuel efficiency. Fuelly is a site designed to help people track their mileage, compare their results to others and communicate with other users about how to maximize their efficiency.

Once you register and create an account, you can add your cars. Each time you fill the tank, you can enter the odometer mileage and the amount of fuel you put in along with the price. This is a convenient way to track your fuel consumption and compare it to what other people with similar cars are getting. There is also a forum where users can share tips and tricks about how to reduce fuel consumption.

[Source: Fuelly, via Download Squad]

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