Strand-Craft's Spectacular Swedish Stingray Speedboat

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The '63 Corvette Stingray split-window coupe may not have been quite as aerodynamic as GM would have us believe, but it does remain one of the most iconic designs of all time. So iconic, in fact, that one shipyard is considering taking it to the water to see if the shape is seaworthy.

Bo Zolland of Sweden's Strand-Craft shirks the minimalist design of his home country's most prolific furniture chain with the most exquisitely designed and crafted teak-decked retro runabout ever to grace the surface of water, with a little Corvette flair thrown in for good measure. The blueprints call for a carbon-fiber hull and a big block engine with competition prop drives (we see two engines powering the one above). Strand-Craft is taking orders for an untold limited number of Stingray speedboats to be made on special order according to the customer's speficifications, and we have a feeling there might be some Corvette aficionados who'd be eager to bring their passion out of land-lock and out onto the open water.

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[Source: Strand-Craft via All Cars, All the Time]

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