Michigan grad designs and builds Homeless Utility Vehicle

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Before moving out West, I lived near Detroit -- the car capitol of the United States for sure, but also home to many people without homes. Stephen M. Mills surely noticed this issue as well as he attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. For his final project in school, Mills created what he refers to as a Homeless Utility Vehicle, basically a small shelter on wheels with just enough space to fit a person inside to protect them from the elements. Of course, it gets pretty darn chilly in Michigan in the winter months. Before actually constructing the shelter, Mills went for two weeks without shaving or taking care of his hair, slept for a night in a small trailer and on the floor of his apartment. These experiences influenced the design of his HUV.

The vehicle itself is human powered and is constructed of plywood, black vinyl and clear vinyl. The wheels appear to come from a small cycle or cart. Mills tested the HUV a bit in Ann Arbor and was happy with the results. We wonder if the HUV could incorporate a simple pedal system as this would likely greatly increase its usability and could even allow for use beyond just homeless persons. Comments?

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