China produces its first freight hybrid locomotive

China has produced its first hybrid electric-diesel locomotive, the JT56ACe. The high powered diesel-electric model was jointly manufactured by CNR Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co. (DLoco) and USA-based Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc., (EMD, formerly a GM company). It's got a 6,000 hp diesel engine and its manufacturers claim that it's the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly locomotive in the world. It features dual isolated driver's cabins, low exhaust emissions, electronic fuel injection, AC traction drive system, microcomputer control system. The JT56ACe can pull up to 5000 tons (metric) with a maximum speed of 120 km/h (75mph). EMD and CNR have agreed to build 300 of these locomotives for the Chinese Ministry of Railways.

[Source: EMD]

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