Hyundai might bring the 47mpg I10 stateside

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Due to the downsizing trend observed in the United States, Hyundai is seriously considering selling the tiny I10 there. The strong sales of the Mini and the Smart have shown Hyundai that Americans are willing to buy small, clean and fuel-efficient cars. The problem for Hyundai is that the I10 plays in a different league; it's not a premium vehicle like the Mini and isn't quite as stylish as the Smart ForTwo. Still, the l10 is sold worldwide, and a U. S. version could spot different bumpers and changes to the suspension and the 1.2-liter 78hp Kappa engine. One thing we don't want Hyundai to change too much is the consumption figures of around the 5l/100 km (about 47 mpg U. S.).

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[Source: Automotive News via Le Blog Auto]

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