Suzuki to introduce E100-capable flex-fuel models in 2010

So far, Suzuki has steered clear of alternative fuel vehicles in the American market. They haven't offered any diesels, flex-fuel or hybrid vehicles yet. That may soon change as the company will reportedly launch some vehicles that can run on not just E85, but also E100 as soon as 2010. The powertrains will be targeted at both the U.S. and Brazilian markets were E100 is commonly available. By March of 2009, Suzuki plans to launch a product in Brazil that can handle E25. Suzuki could also use its General Motors connections to bring a hybrid vehicle to market. In this case, it will more likely be the mild hybrid BAS system rather than the much more expensive Two-Mode hybrid. We might even get some of the diesels that Suzuki offers in other parts of the world.
[Source: Green Car Congress]

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