Hyundai releases teaser of extra large Equus sedan

Until now, we've had to be content with only spy shots of Hyundai's Equus replacement, usually in heavy camouflage. But now we're treated to the image you see above, though the camo has been replaced with heavy shadows and a glaring spotlight.

Don't bother taking it into Photoshop to bring out more detail on the bulging fenders or the big upright grille. We tried and there's just not a whole lot of info there to work with. But Hyundai-Blog says the company is going to make a full presentation of its largest, most powerful sedan in February. Expect the car to have a 5.0L engine with between 400 and 420 horses and an optional supercharged 5.5L V8.

[Source: Hyundai-Blog]

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