Dallas HOA prohibits parking F-150 in driveway; Lincoln Mark LT allowed

Yet another example of a Homeowner's Association run amok... A Texas homeowner in Frisco (just north of Dallas) has been told by the Stonebriar HOA that his new Ford F-150 isn't allowed to be parked in his driveway. The Association, established to protect Jim Greenwood's interests (that's the theory at least), will allow his neighbor's Cadillac Escalades, Honda Ridgelines, and even a HUMMER or two, but his new pickup violates a rule that prohibits pickups in the driveway. When Mr. Greenwood inquired as to why a Lincoln Mark LT could park in the neighborhood, but his practically identical F-150 couldn't, the response from the HOA was, "'It's our belief that Lincoln markets to a different class of people." Doh! As of now, Mr. Greenwood's options are to get another vehicle, or move. If it were us, we'd replace the F-150 with a yellow Caterpillar 972H Wheel Loader. Yeah, that would get them to quickly change their mind... Thanks for the tip, Neil!

[Source: Dallas News]

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