Ferrari California enters the world of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

With Ferrari's road and race cars taking advantage of the latest emerging technologies, someone inside the marketing department in Maranello has taken the bold initiative to bring the company's PR into the same realm by utilizing popular electronic media. For its latest supercar, the highly-anticipated Ferrari California, the company has been releasing bits and pieces on a dedicated, flash-enhanced website, and the latest installment has just hit cyberspace.

For this episode, Ferrari has teamed up with the wiz-kids at Polyphony Digital who are the brains behind the Gran Turismo franchise. They offer up an adrenaline-pumping virtual reality video of the California racing through the virtual streets of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue in the same style as the game's intro. And now that they have the car scanned, it shouldn't be long before you can download the California on your PS3 to drive in the game. We hope. Follow the Source link below, click "virtual test drive" and "play film" to watch the clip. Oh, and clear some time in your schedule, because the video will make you want to play video games all weekend. Enjoy.

[Source: Ferrari]

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