2 of 3 Ferrari FXX Evoluziones delivered to Hong Kong

Click above to view the Ferrari FXX Evoluzione in hi-res

We're not quite sure to make of this, but apparently of the 29 hand-selected participants from the Ferrari FXX development program, only three opted (or were deemed worthy) to continue with the even more exclusive FXX Evoluzione.

The progression of the previous initiative revolves around an even more extreme derivative of the Enzo. The FXX Evoluzione, as we reported back in October of last year, features a heavily revised variable aerodynamics package and advanced electronics, channeling 860 horsepower from the developmental supercar's 6.3-liter V12 with its atmospheric 9500 rpm redline. Of the three FXX Evoluziones made, two are heading to Hong Kong, with the remaining third example being presented to an unspecified European client.

UPDATE: We've been informed that while only three brand new examples of the FXX Evoluzione were built, most (if not all) of the original 29 FXXs have been retrofitted to Evoluzione spec. Thanks to tipster SPHFerrari for the correction.

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