Talon Performance creates a quad only a mother could love

Talon Performance is where "Innovation meets the street." That combination apparently yields results like the Talon Street Quad, a body-kitted 4-wheeler based on the Kawasaki KFX700. We think it looks like the innovation and the street got in a big argument, attacked a manatee with bats, and then threw paint on it. Then put it on wheels. Nice, rims, though...

Part quad, part Cars movie extra, part dada, the Talon Street Quad is supposedly street legal. We don't know where these streets are (in America), because quads have been shown the hand by all 50 states when it comes to road duty. Yet according to Talon, "you can even take it on your next road trip."

It'll also save you money at the pump, which is lately the god of all things. So if you want it, but you're not sure about that two-tone paint job, do not fear: you can get it in a single tone for "shear and simple beauty." Or you could just buy the Quadrazuma. And check out the gallery of pics below.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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