Sunmotor to release electric car, beat it with ugly stick

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Lovers of good car design: avert your eyes! The Sunmotor Group, an EV hopeful based in Boston, has announced plans to release its first all-electric vehicle before the end of the year. We wish they wouldn't because this sucker is ├╝ber-ugly. Obviously based on a smart fortwo clone, major modifications were required to allow the use of a large solar array on the misshapen roof, which has created a textbook case of function punching form in the mouth. The windshield has been disfigured along the way in an effort to meet up with the excessively long canopy, while the upper rear probiscis could easily behead someone standing behind this thing when it's backing up. Last joke: SsangYong called, they want their designers back.

Despite looking like a Scion that swallowed a canoe, the specifications of Sunmotor's EV sound decent for a low-speed EV. The company believes it can get 160 miles per charge, though only with a top speed of 25 miles per hour. Plus, with 10 horsepower pushing around 2,600 pounds of mass, the supposed acceleration of 0-25 in 5 seconds sounds rather optimistic.

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[Source: Sunmotor via AutoblogGreen]

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