Sunmotor Group to introduce solar car this year

We just got tipped that Sunmotor, an electric vehicle hopeful based in Boston, plans to release its first product in America. It's solar and electric powered car ain't pretty, that's for sure. In side profile from wheel-to-wheel, you'll notice that Sunmotor's car is a clear smart fortwo knock-off. We wish it stayed that way, but the front and rear glass of the EV takes its own styling direction. And it's an extremely unfortunate one. We are guessing that the car's designers wanted to maximize the available roof space for solar cells, but that's not much consolation for such reprehensible styling.
Top speed is limited to to 25 miles per hour, or about 40 kilometers per hour, a speed which Sunmotor claims can be reached in just over 5 seconds. Weighing in at 2,600 pounds, there is plenty of weight for the 10 horsepower motor to push around. As enviro-sensitive bloggers, we can appreicate what Sunmotor is hoping to accomplish, but we'll believe this one when we see it.

[Source: Sunmotor LLC]

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