CNBC's "Saving GM" gets thumbs up from Lutz

There has been a lot said about GM in the wake of tough market conditions and the Detroit Automaker's $15.5B Q2 loss. As you can imagine, a lot of the talk isn't upbeat. GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz seems to think much of the discussion surrounding the General is nothing more than speculation and uninformed bias, but then again Maximum Bob's got a bit of a pro-GM bias of his own. So you can imagine that Blogger Bob was interested to see an hour long special called Saving GM, which recently aired on CNBC. Mr. Lutz' assessment of the piece? He thought it was fair and unbiased, and it touched on the good and bad of GM over the past few years in an honest way. Lutz said he liked that the documentary concluded that GM needs the public to think "smash hit vehicle from GM" and think of "cars in showrooms, not museums."

We haven't seen the hour long special Saving GM, so we reserve judgment as to whether or not it was fair, but we've heard from a few people it's worth a watch. Saving GM will re-air on CNBC on August 10 at 10 pm ET, so set your TiVo. You can also read more about here at the CNBC website if you need more convincing.

[Source: GM Fast Lane Blog, CNBC]

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