Wanna buy a Packard, or rather the Packard?

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There's plenty of pain and anguish surrounding the flameout of the Packard nameplate in the late 1950s. Had things transpired differently, the storied marque might still be around producing the luxurious and meticulously engineered super high quality cars that the name was built upon. Cough up $1.5 million, and you could breathe new life into a marque that stretches back to 1899.

Roy Gullickson has held the rights to the Packard name since 1995 and expended a bunch of effort putting together a prototype and trying to drum up investment to relaunch the brand, but he's now looking to sell. The neo-Packard that Gullickson was shopping around is not what you'd call attractive (see above), but it comes as part of the deal, along with engineering designs, tooling, and parts. It's a good idea to make your limited-run ultra luxury car look like something other than a Chinese Bentley knockoff, but you can make that right by putting your money on the line instead of spouting off like some jaded internet scribe. At least three international companies are reported to be seriously sniffing around the half-exhumed carcass, so it might be wise to act quickly if you'd like to see new Packards in tony garages and rap videos.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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