A grey 520d station wagon delivered in Munich and owned by Dr. Thomas Leske has become the 1-millionth BMW with EfficientDynamics. The choice of the model was significant, because BMW has also announced a 177hp 520d model with CO2 emissions under 140 g/km for next Fall (at least in Germany). This model is is also Euro 5-compliant, and uses 5.1 l/100 km (46 mpg U. S.) as a sedan, or 5.3 l/km (44 mpg U. S.) for the Touring wagon. Moreover, a 2009-model 330d was also announced with BluePerformance (that is it uses an AdBlue NOx reduction system) which is Euro 6 compliant, the mandatory anti-pollution ruling for 2014. BMW claims that thanks to EfficientDynamics, its lineup of cars burns 25 percent less fuel than in 1995.

[Source: BMW]

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