Arial vs. KTM vs. Lotus 211 comparo in progress at the 'Ring

Back in April, fellow Autoblogger Chris Tutor caught the Veritas RS3 heading out onto the Nurburgring for a photoshoot. Today, Chris took a brief break from his day-job to see what he could spy on the 'Ring's webcam and found the same trio of lightweight, track-tools that dance in our minds when we hit REM sleep. A Lotus 211, a KTM X-Bow and an Ariel Atom were all getting ready for their close-ups at the entrance to the Green Hell, likely a feature story for a European buff. There's no way to tell who's doing the shooting, but don't be surprised if a video begins floating around YouTube of the three track toys in the next couple of months. We'll keep an eye out.

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