Swiss proposal would be among the most extreme anti-car laws anywhere

The Porsche 911 shown above could soon be a thing of the past in Switzerland. The land locked alpine European nation has a direct democracy system like the one in California that allows citizens to put forward legislative proposals. If they can get 100,000 signatures on petitions, the proposals go to a vote of the population. A move to drastically restrict cars spearheaded by the Swiss Green Party youth section has already gained 130,000 signatures. If the proposal passes a majority of the voters and more than half of the countries 26 states, it would ban all cars that weigh more than 4,820 lbs, emit more than 250 g/km of CO2, have a front end dangerous to pedestrians or that don't have a particulate filter for a diesel engine. Just to make sure that Swiss drivers don't flock to older cars that don't meet the new rules, all older cars would be required to be equipped with a governor that would limit them to 100 km/h. For what it's worth since this proposal system was introduced in 1848, more than 90 percent of them have been rejected by voters. Thanks to Jean-Claude for the tip!


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