Electric plane flies at Oshkosh airshow

The ElectraFlyer C took to the skies at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh on Sunday, demonstrating to the crowds below the possibilities of environmentally friendlier electric-powered flight. The folks on the ground were also witness to a huge reduction in noise pollution as the converted Moni motor glider made three passes in front of the air show center. Able to climb into the skies at a rate of 500 feet per minute, the aircraft can cruise for one and a half to two hours at 70 mph using an 18 horsepower motor fed by 5.6 kilowatt hours worth of lithium polymer batteries. The designer of the e-flyer and president of Electric Aircraft Corp., Randall Fishman, received the 2008 Dr. August Raspet Memorial Award for his efforts which was awarded at the end of a forum discussing electric flight technology. Although this craft is not for sale, Mr. Fishman's company does sell "powerplant packages" as well as the Electroflier Trike ultralight. Check out the Kit Planes magazine interview with Randall Fishman with his plane after the jump as well as a bonus video of his electric ultralight taking off and flying.

[Source: AirVenture]

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