Ford, GM considering joint engine development

In a move that will help both ailing automakers, General Motors and Ford are holding discussions about sharing engine and powertrain technologies. Although neither company will officially acknowledge the liaisons, the meetings have been going on for more than a month, according to sources. Engine and powertrain development costs are significant -- an entirely new engine could cost $1 billion, while a transmission could cost upwards of $800 million -- so splitting those costs offers substantial savings to both companies. In addition to the financial incentives, technology sharing would open doors that otherwise would have remained shut (e.g., GM sharing Volt technology with Ford). This wouldn't be the first time the two competitors have climbed in the sack together... years ago, they successfully partnered on a six-speed automatic transmission that is widely used by both companies today.

This rumor definitely makes for a fun what-if game. If these discussions bear fruit, what engines would you like shared across the aisle? A Vortech V8-powered F-150 or an LS9 Mustang GT500? How about a Malibu powered by a twin-turbo DI Ecoboost V6?

[Source: Detroit News]

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