Yamaha gets in on the eBike phenomenon

Yamaha certainly has plenty of experience making sporty two-wheeled vehicles, as riders of the firm's R6 and R1 sportbikes can certainly attest. Now, though, it seems that the Tuning Fork company has decided to branch out into human power, specifically with a new hybrid bicycle. What makes this particular machine, knows as the PAS Brace, particularly interesting is how it manages the electrical assistance. First, an eight speed rear hub is used and allows shifting at any time, even from a dead stop. Depending on what gear the bike is in, a computer controls how much electrical power to send to the motor for assistance. Once top speed is reached, the system completely shuts down.

We've seen similar machines from other manufactures on these pages before, but what makes this Yamaha stand out is the low pricing. When equipped with the standard 4.0 Ah 25.9 volt lithium ion battery, the PAS Brace will sell for just $1,150, though it will only be available in Japan to start. There's always eBay...

[Sources: Nikkei, Engadget]

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