VIDEO: World record Ferrari Challenge Stradale run in SoCal

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If you've ever had the pleasure of hearing a Ferrari Challenge Stradale run, you'll know that there are few sounds like it in all of autodom. When revved towards its 8,500 RPM redline, it takes on a raspy snarl that makes the regular Ferrari 360 V8 sound positively tame in comparison. Now just imagine taking that sound and multiplying it by 21. You see, 21 Challenge Stradale owners recently got together in Southern California to celebrate this special edition F-car, and in the process may have set some kind of record.

Arizona had claimed a record a while back when they had just nine of these beasts in one place at one time. Whether or not that was official, the 21 cars that turned up in the L.A. area last weekend clearly have it beat. It's the most we've ever seen at once so until you can show us otherwise, we'll award them the blue ribbon. After the Carrera GT drive last month, this was a nice follow-up.

After the jump you are going to see and hear these cars in action, but before we get to that we wanted to point out that within this pack there were examples in black, silver, yellow, TdF and Bugatti blue, as well as two different shades of Rosso. Such diversity.

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