The next sibling rivalry? Nakajima Jr climbs the formula racing ladder

The formula racing world is rife with the offspring of long-retired F1 drivers making a name for themselves: Rosberg and Piquet are already in F1, Jacques Villeneuve has already come and gone, and the Mansell brothers are working their way up, to name just a few. But since both the Schumacher brothers have retired, Formula One has been lacking that sibling rivalry. (Mind you, with Michael having won more championships than Ralf did races, it wasn't much of a competition).

However, we might get to see some serious brother-on-brother, wheel-to-wheel action in the near future. With his older sibling Kazuki (pictured at right) already racing for Williams-Toyota, 18-year-old Daisuki Nakajima is competing in the Japanese Formula 3 championship. Their father Satoru, who raced in about 80 grands prix in the late 80's and early 90's, says that Daisuki could be even faster than Kazuki. If that's the case, the younger Nakajima could find his way into F1 within the next couple of years, and then it'll be on.

[Source: F1-Live | Photo: Morio]

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