Skunk2 project EP3 Honda CivicRR up for sale

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Aftermarket parts manufacturer Skunk2 has been churning out go-fast bits for Hondas since the mid 1990s. Initially named Skunkworks, the company's extensive racing efforts and an R&D facility only found in the dreams of most engineers have rocketed it to the forefront of today's sport compact market. Skunk2 is ready to move into the future and is seeking to offload its project EP3 Honda Civic RR in order to make room for something new. Built to show that the Japanese tuners could be beaten at their own game, and loaded with every possible item in the Skunk2 catalog, the ride carries an asking price of $17,000.

The project exclusively uses U.S. domestic market parts. The motor, built with Wiseco pistons, forged Cunningham rods and various Skunk2 components, churns out 254 hp and 190 ft-lbs of torque at the wheels. For the most part, the mods are limited to the performance and interior upgrades, though a few Civic Type R body trim pieces (technically UKDM) and lightweight Volk wheels (apparently domestic distribution counts as USDM) also find their way onto the car. No gaudy shopping cart rear wings or excessively louvered hoods for this rice burner. Check out the gallery for more EP3 images.

[Source: Skunk2]

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