Australia may switch to bi-annual auto shows

The exorbitant amount of money required to participate in an Australian auto show has resulted in automakers demanding a cut to one show per year. The shows in Sydney and Melbourne would need to alternate years for this to happen, but the two shows are run by different groups that don't want to give up the income. Cash-strapped automakers have already begun selectively attending the two shows, with big-time brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz joining 12 other automakers that skipped out on this year's Melbourne show. Sydney and Melbourne organizers are getting the hint, and the two sides are discussing how best to move forward. Word is that the show count will be reduced to only one next year.
The move to alternating shows makes sense, and there is precedent to support it. The Paris and Frankfurt motor shows alternate each year, and both are far larger events than what the car-crazed Aussies put together. Tokyo is also a huge show, and it runs on a bi-annual basis, split between passenger vehicles on odd years and commercial rides on even years. Sorry, but we won't be covering Japan's trucks this October.

[Source: Drive]

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