Rendered Rip Off? Racy Genesis coupe illustration called into question

Yesterday's announcement that Hyundai would be bringing three Genesis coupe concepts to SEMA has been met with some skepticism surrounding the legitimacy of the first rendering Rhys Millen Racing released.

John Sibal posted the RMR Genesis coupe illustration on his site today, along with his own LF-A rendering that we featured back in April. There's a striking similarity between the LF-A's front bumper design – specifically the molded winglet, side air intake, air dam and tow-hook placement. We've tried contacting Hyundai about the matter, hoping they could provide contact information for the artist who drew up the coupe, but got stuck in voicemail Hell instead. While this could just be a case of indirect inspiration, we somehow doubt it and are looking forward to getting the full story soon. Thanks to all who tipped in.

[Source: JonSibal]

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