Is this the 2009 Nissan Cube?

Click image to enlarge and compare to the current Cube

It sure looks like it could be. Reader "Uncle Evan" sent us this image, which looks like it's either a scanned PR shot of the next-gen JDM Cube3 or a good photoshop, perhaps from one of the Japanese buff mags. We're inclined to think it's the latter scenario, and that this photo might have even served as its basis (look at the shapes visible through the windshield and passenger window -- they appear to be identical in both images). In any case, the car depicted here has all of the elements first seen in the leaked Nissan photo back in May, giving us a little more to chew on while we wait for the Cube's official debut at the LA Auto Show.

As seen in the original leaked image, the wheel covers have four thin slits. Body-colored a-pillars (they're blacked out on the current car) curve softly into the roof, which has a large glass section up front. The fender bulges are more pronounced on the current Cube, and the fascia now incorporates headlamps that wrap around to the front quarter panels as opposed to being fully contained in the grille insert.

Hopefully, this is a mostly accurate depiction, because it shows an evolved Cube that really keeps the good stuff intact. After driving the Japanese version, we're looking forward to seeing what the USDM version has in store for us. Thanks for the tip, Uncle Evan!

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