More Nissan leakage: Cube image surfaces, still boxy, still cool

We already know that the Nissan Cube is due for a redesign, and that version, due out later this year, is the one we'll be getting here in the States in 2009. While the Denki Cube concept that bowed in New York gave us an indication of what to expect, it's taken another bit of leakage out of Nissan HQ to see the new Cube fully realized. Compared to the current Cube, this revised version is slightly more smoothed out, while still retaining the boxy shape we've come to know and love. If Nissan can avoid pulling an xB (adding more weight, an unresponsive engine and killing the fun factor), the new Cube might fit the bill for those of us looking for a vehicle that strikes a balance between practicality and flickability.

[Source: 7tune]

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