The Legend Lives On: Coddington boys establish Sons of Boyd LLC

Many great names have come and gone in the world of hot rods, but few could match that of the late Boyd Coddington. Although the legendary gearhead has passed on, that doesn't mean his name will die. That is, not if his three sons have anything to say about it. Chris, Gregg and Boyd Jr. have come together to establish Sons of Boyd LLC, a company dedicated to preserving their father's name and legacy.

The first initiative of Boyd's offspring will be the launch of a tribute website next month to coincide with what would have been their father's 64th birthday. The site promises to feature never-before-seen photos of Coddington's most famous creations, and articles celebrating everything that is Boyd. A new apparel collection will follow, but that's not all. The Coddington boys don't just plan on preserving their father's legacy, but to further it with the creation of new hot rods. The first to appear will be a 1927 Ford Touring Roadster which Boyd Sr. was in the process of building with his son Gregg, which he'll be completing sometime late next year. We can't wait to see how it turns out.

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The Sons of the late Hot Rod Icon Boyd Coddington announce Sons Of Boyd LLC™.

LOS ANGELES, CA - July 30, 2008 - The Sons of legendary Hot Rodder Boyd Coddington announced today the start of their new company, Sons Of Boyd™ LLC. The S.O.B. (Sons Of Boyd™) will be dedicated to carrying on the Coddington legacy and the memory of their father, Boyd Coddington. Sons Of Boyd™ is owned and operated by Boyd's sons; Boyd Jr., Chris and Gregg. "Through various venues, our mission is to share all the incredible memories we have of our father and to keep his vision and passion for hot rods and customizing going", says Chris Coddington.

The Sons Of Boyd™ are currently working on a tribute web site in honor of their father, The official launch of the production will be on what would have been Boyd's 64th birthday, August 28, 2008. Chris stated, "You can look forward to viewing and reading stories of our own experiences growing up in the industry and in the Coddington home". At the site, you will be able to view the trio's personal accumulation of archives that include countless photos and video footage from behind the scenes. In addition, the site will include some of the most awe-inspiring automotive and hot rod photography anywhere and includes never seen before photos of some of Coddingtons famous creations including; Aluma Coupe, Alum Truck, CheZoom, CadZZila, Boydster I and II, Smoothster, Led Zephyr, and many other noteworthy cars built by the master craftsman. There will be on location interviews from some of the industry's most notable builders, build previews, shop tours and personal stories from the employees, builders, designers and friends that supported to inspire Boyd. Boyd Coddington Jr. added, "Our primary goal is to insure that the Boyd look will live on and our Fathers spirit will forever remain not only with the hot rod industry, but his innovations and influences that inspired the entire aftermarket industry will continue to flourish". Boyd continued, "Our goal is to build a tribute to our father and to share with the world the man that we knew long before reality TV and corporate builds."

The Coddingtons will offer a line of apparel that will include vintage artwork and designs from some of the leading aftermarket designers. Greg Coddington added, "The apparel line will represent the core of what has come to be known as the Boyd Look. Greg continues, "our apparel will include limited reproductions of the most sought-after T-shirts and hats from the 70's and 80's including, the popular Hot Rods By Boyd™ T-shirt", said Gregg Coddington. Gregg goes on, "I am very excited about the Sons Of Boyd™, in fact, it has inspired me to uncover a very special project my dad and I were building together, a 1927 Ford Touring Roadster, you will be able to get a peek at We hope to have the project ready to unveil sometime in late 2009".

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