Bringing GT-R performance parts to the people

Nissan maintains that the GT-R is mechanized perfection that could never be improved upon (never mind that V-Spec over there), but that's not going to stop owners from attempting to extract every last bit of performance from Nissan's super coupe.

Enter, an online distributor specializing in the importation of top shelf kit from Japan. Ben Schaffer, president of Bespoke Ventures, one of the men behind Bulletproof Automotive and blogger at The Real JDM, is behind the new site, bringing almost a decade of tuning experience and over 100 aftermarket components to GT-R owners here in the States. The site is currently in BETA testing, but that doesn't mean that GT-R drivers have to leave "good enough" alone.

GT-RR currently offers a nice assortment of parts – from seats to suspension components and exhausts to wheels – and while Schaffer and his team are currently farming out installation work to other reputable shops in the L.A. area, he's not ruling out a dedicated location for work on the GT-R. According to Schaffer, "Our sole focus is on what we do best. Fast and highly accurate logistics and distribution from Japan to both local tuning shops and directly to the end users." Although the aftermarket, along with the rest of the auto industry, is experiencing a downturn, there's little doubt that GT-R owners will be looking for something to turn up the wick on their rides. Thankfully, GT-RR will be there to answer the call.

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