Hyundai car prices set to rise

The skyrocketing cost of commodities like steel and aluminum have pushed several automakers to raise the price of 2009 models. Hyundai is bumping the price of its 2009 models an average of two-percent to help cushion the blow in Korea and in the States. The price of steel has risen 60 percent in a little over a year, and other commodities are up over 20 percent as well. That's bad news for all automakers, and Hyundai expects the trend to continue. Hyundai's Kia brand stlil hasn't announce price hikes, but we're guessing the economical car maker will follow in big brother's foot steps.

To further complicate matters for the Korean automaker, its unionized workforce is unsatisfied with wages. The rank and file have scheduled four-hour work stoppages for Wednesday and Friday. Unless the government intervenes in the matter, the union will likely get some kind of wage increase, giving Hyundai and Kia yet another justification for raising prices.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req.]

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