Jetta TDI buyers to get $1,300 back from the IRS

Now that Toyota has sold so many Priuses that the popular hybrid no longer qhalifies for federal tax credits, and they are essentially sold out until the new generation cars show up next year, people might be wondering where to go for a high mileage vehicle. Volkswagen's new 50-state legal Jetta TDI is going on sale around about Labor day and our good friends at the IRS have decreed that people who purchase one will be able to get a check back from the feds for $1,300. The clean diesel Jetta qualifies under the Advanced Lean Burn Technology Motor Vehicle income tax credit. That would bring the price premium for the diesel to only $700 over a comparable Jetta with a gas engine. The EPA has rated the Jetta at 29/40mpg city highway with a 6-speed DSG gearbox. Real world numbers are likely to be closer to the low 40s for most drivers, but we'll be finding out for ourselves soon. At the first drive of Mercedes new BlueTec diesels last month, company officials expressed hope that those vehicles would also qualify for the credit. Thanks for the tip, Conner!

[Source: VWvortex]

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