Former employee slaps Tesla with class action suit

Their plate may be filled with churning out Tesla Roadsters and developing the Model S sedan, but Tesla Motors can't seem to get a break from the lawsuits. First there was the tiff with transmission supplier Magna, followed by potential development partner Fisker, and now Tesla is facing a class action (it's not a class action lawsuit until a judge deems it so) lawsuit from former Director of Public Relations, David Vespremi. Vespremi ended up on the cutting room floor during the tornado that swept through the company ranks at the end of 2007 was let go prior to the layoffs in January of this year. Vespremi is trying to connect his firing to the layoffs, but according to Tesla's Darryl Siry, that's not the case -- his termination was a separate matter. The details of the lawsuit allege that Tesla Motors did not practice good faith or fair dealing, violated labor codes with unpaid wages and waiting periods, and utilized unfair business practices. The document also listed libel and slander due to the harsh words spoken from the mouths of executives to the media when referencing the former employees. Thanks for the tip Jan!
UPDATE: Darryl Siry of Tesla wanted to clear a few things up with the story. To begin with, a judge must certify a lawsuit as class action before it can be deemed as such. That hasn't happened yet. Additionally, the part of the lawsuit filed by David Vespremi that asks for class action status has nothing to do with libel, slander, or defamation. The only part of Vespremi's lawsuit that could be classified as "class" has to do with Tesla's arbitration and non-conciliation clause in his employment agreement.

[Source: San Mateo Court]

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