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Pirelli to supply emissions technology for Beijing buses

Italian company Pirelli is best known for making high performance tires, but now it is making efforts in emissions technology. The Italian government announced an agreement between the Ministry of Environmental Affairs and the City Council of Beijing, China. Pirelli will supply diesel particulate filter systems (DPF) to be installed on heavy duty vehicles (mainly buses, but also trucks and later snowploughs and tractors). The vehicles are used by the local public transportation company and the filters are able to eliminate 95 percent of particulate emissions. The first filter systems will be installed before the start of the Olympics, and the rest after the summer. Pirelli's technology can be retrofitted to most existing models. Pirelli has been offering the retrofit filter systems for sale in Europe since the beginning of 2008 in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Britain. The filters are currently made in Gorj, Romania, and will also be produced in a new plant in Russia.

[Source: The Auto Channel]

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