July 16: International Ride to Work Day

For the seventeenth consecutive year, this Wednesday will mark the annual Ride to Work Day. The event, which falls every year on the third Wednesday of July, is intended to promote fuel savings and the reduced traffic which comes as a result of motorcycle and scooter riding. This, of course, is an event we can get behind. As motorcycle and scooter sales worldwide increase due to fuel prices which have likely not yet hit their apogee, more and more ex-drivers are ditching their automobiles in an effort to save big money on their fuel bills. Still, it is currently estimated that just over 1-percent of these riders choose to commute to work on their two-wheelers.

Benefits to ridin' to work are many, including the aforementioned fuel savings and lower traffic, less damage to roadways, quicker commutes in places where lane-sharing is permissible and the fact that riding is fun. Don't think that riding to work makes a big difference? If every day were Ride to Work Day, fifteen-million gallons of fuel, and the associated CO2 emissions, could be saved per year. That, friends, is a big number although it is probably a conservative estimate given that American drivers consumed 9.3 million gallons of gasoline per day in 2007.

[Source: Ride to Work Day]

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