Alas, Z/28, we hardly knew ye

The all-new Camaro we've been waiting on for two years is just a few days from showing its production face, and we've already got some bad news. The General has dumped plans for the Z28. The highly anticipated Camaro variant was rumored to feature the same supercharged 6.2L engine that powers the brawny Cadillac CTS-V with well over 500 ponies. Without the Z28 in the picture, the still powerful SS edition will be the range-topper for now, and we're expecting power to be just under that of the base Corvette's 436 hp.

While this is certainly bad news for Camaro enthusiasts, it does make sense in the face of $4.25 per gallon gas to cancel a supercharged monster that's likely to be eligible for a hefty gas guzzler tax. What doesn't make sense is canceling the Z28 moniker when it means much more to Camaro fans than SS ever will. There goes the aftermarket for louvers and mullet wigs. Thanks for the tip, Doug!

[Source: Left Lane News, Photo:]

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