VIDEO: Hank and Joe, the electric car guys

While you're probably familiar with NPR's Click & Clack, who host a show about cars and car repair, they're not the only game in town. Hank and Joe's YouTube productions may lack the polish and luster that the other car guys can manage with their high-falutin' public radio budget, but what they lack in production value they make up for with originality and earnestness.

The duo converted a 1973 Volkswagen Bug to run on electricity and made a video to show off their creation and perhaps inspire others to undertake similar projects. At the end of that first effort they even asked folks to email in any questions they might have. After receiving a flood of responses, they went back outside with the their trusty camera and made a couple more videos answering some of the queries. Additionally, they gave a more detailed look at the handiwork that went into the evoltswagen. After seeing how simple it seems to be, we're tempted to give it a go ourselves. Check out their inspirational trilogy after the jump.

[Source: YouTube]

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