New York real estate developer gives employee incentives for hybrid drivers

New York-based real estate developer and property management company, RexCorp, is trying to influence the behavior of people who work at the office buildings it owns. As part of a larger conservation initiative, RexCorp is now offering prime parking spaces to drivers who chose to drive a hybrid vehicle. The company's office in Hauppauge, NY has a half-dozen parking spots near the front door with green stripes marked "hybrid only." Similar spaces have been provided (or soon will be) at other RexCorp properties on Long Island and in New Jersey. Hybrid drivers like the new perk, but apparently some other drivers are not thrilled about the bias toward the green cars. 27-year-old Tisha Montalvo, an accounts-payable coordinator who works at the Hauppauge property, told Newsday, "Just because [employees] have a hybrid doesn't mean their legs don't work." This seems like a trend that might start catching on elsewhere in near future.

[Source: Newsday]

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