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Spy Shots: Camo covered 2010 Ford Fiesta sedan spotted in Michigan

Ford's eagerly-anticipated new Fiesta is still around 18 months from its US launch, but Ford is already testing the cae here in the States. The initial plan was to only offer Americans the four-door sedan, but Ford recently announced that the three- and five-door hatchbacks would be offered as well. Fiestas for the North American market will be built at Ford's Cuautitlán, Mexico assembly plant beginning in early 2010. The other day, a reader let us know that he spotted one of the prototype Fiestas tooling around on I-75 in southeast Michigan and was lucky enough to have a camera handy. Keep in mind that this particular car is covered in heavy camouflage to prevent all the non-car nuts from seeing what it is. The production model will look very much like the Verve concept that appeared at auto shows earlier this year. Thanks to Andrew for the tip!

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