Electric Palestinian Peugeot proves popular, but will it bring peace?

Having the family car converted to run on electricity has become a very popular concept in Palestine. Since we told you about the Peugeot prototype, the two men behind the project, Waseem Khazendar and Fayaz Anan, have heard from over 400 folks willing to throw down the $2,500 they say it would cost to do the work. Only there's one small problem: because of the Israeli blockade currently in place, they only have enough materials to convert 30 or 40 vehicles. The blockade also keeps them from charging significantly less as well, according to the Christian Science Monitor, Annan says he could do the work for a measly $1,700 if the cease-fire that is now in effect holds and more normal trade resumes. Asked about that price tag by the Monitor, Ron Gremban, lead engineer from CalCars.org said, "With the cheapest components I can imagine, it would cost around three times as much over here."

Interestingly, they also talked with Ziva Patir of Project Better Place about the possibility of the Palestinians working with that company. She told them that although she couldn't speak for PBP on the issue, "I believe that business creates peace, and any peace project is good for everybody." Indeed it is.

[Source: Christian Science Monitor]

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