Praise the Lord and pass the license plates

Christians looking to evangelize are understandably thrilled with the idea of "I Believe" license plates, nevermind that they may be unconstitutional. While the first amendment protects individuals rights to free speech, the cross and stained glass themed plates with the phrase "I Believe" across the bottom were cooked up by the South Carolina Senator Larry Grooms and endorsed unanimously by the state legislature, and a similar effort is underway in Florida. On those grounds, the plates may constitute a state sanctioning of one religion over another, and that raises the ire of non-Christians and free speech advocates. The group Americans United for Separation of Church and State tossed a yellow flag on the field and blew its lawsuit whistle to block these plates from seeing the light of day, spurring a respectfully blistering outpouring of "you'll burn in Hell, thank you" messages from plate supporters. The fight ensues, disenfranchised citizens or not, though we think these plates might be far more offensive to certain folks than the highly coveted WTF tags we all want here at Autoblog HQ. Video after the jump

[Source: Rawstory, Photo:]

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