Penny pinchers: Chevy Aveo billboard speaks to the frugal

We might have suspected it'd eventually come to this. Chevy has started paying people to pay attention to its Aveo. Well, not exactly. In a unique piece of advertisement, Chevrolet erected a billboard in London with an image of an Aveo hatchback decorated in real one-pence pieces. It was certainly a clever ploy to grab the attention of the public and illustrate the 769,500 pence price of the car, but it didn't stand a chance against the prying fingers of passersby. In a mere 30 minutes, human vultures had picked the billboard clean of currency. Perhaps it's some kind of sad commentary on the nature of society, though it's kind of amusing to think that you could dig around for pocket change, and with a little determination, go buy an Aveo.

[Source: Carscoop]

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