Help yourself: Chevy Aveo dressed up in pennies for new billboard

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The U.S. version of the Chevy Aveo 5 made us scratch our heads a bit, but that vehicle's questionable style is nothing compared to the idea that someone working for GM had to promote the new Aveo had. GM's UK division got some attention by sticking over 20,000 pennies on a billboard picture of the Aveo on London's New Oxford Street. The interactive billboard got the attention of passersby and the pennies were stripped from the ad in less than half an hour. Why put the pennies on the Aveo ad? To highlight that this is an inexpensive vehicle, I suppose. We can't say that all of the hundreds of people who helped themselves to a few cents got the message that the Aveo's starting price is £7,695, but at least for a short while the Aveo's looks were not the main thing one thought of when looking at the car.

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