It's Friday: Washington dentists need just one horsepower each

What choices do we realistically have when considering how to reduce our individual petroleum usage? Some people buy hybrid cars or scooters in an effort to cut down their fuel bills. Some carpool or take the bus to get where they need to go. Still others, though, take the horse.
Umm... sorry, the what?

Going back in time a bit, the horse was the most popular way to get around. When the modern car was first made popular, there were both horses and cars sharing American roads. It seems we could be headed that way again, at least if more people follow the example of a group of Washington State workmates. The group of people all work at the same dentist's office and decided that when gas topped four bucks per gallon that they would all get together and ride to work. And so they did. Police gave the riders special permits to ride in a pack down the road and the workers who didn't have horses followed on bicycles. Now, if we could just tackle that methane gas problem...

[Source: AP via Maryland Daily Record]

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